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The Raise Robot

Our robotic platform aids workers by tackling the repetitive and dangerous tasks on commercial jobsites. 





Tackling the installation of high-precision fasteners

Facade panels are only as good as the brackets they’re attached to – our robot is specialized in tackling this task, completing the layout, installation, and inspection in a fraction of the time

An Extra Set of Hands

Working Behind Edge Guards

Traditionally, facade brackets need to be secured by workers operating in a compromised position over the building’s edge – our robots work around the edge guards, ensuring safety during installation.  

Transport Optimized

For the Jobsite

Logistics are easy with a weatherproof shell, 73” by 48” footprint, bi-directional forklift pockets, locking doors, and a removable air caster system.

Hammer Drill Attachment

Pulse Torque Driver

Flexible & Modular

Our modular design can be easily repurposed to a variety of use-cases. With our machines, it’s easy, safe, and fast to get great results.

Industry Recognized 

We Build Trustworthy Robots

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We started Raise Robotics to solve the growing issue of labor shortage and jobsite safety. Discover how we started and where we are today.

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